My photography focuses on capturing a fleeting moment of time. When life can be erratic, I find it important to slow down, if only for a moment, and take in my surroundings. My goal is to capture an image produced in the small moments of self-reflective time.
A key component of creativity is gaining trust in oneself and allowing inspiration to guide me. I become less concerned with what the end result will be, consequently allowing for concentration on the process of art making. It is my goal to find the best way for this relationship to happen organically, and find a balance in which I am creating work that I am proud of as an artist.

When photographing, I enjoy traveling to a new place, or taking a day trip to a place I have been to multiple times to see what I can find. I discover that the same place could look completely different on any given day with the change of weather, time of day, time of year etc. My motivation when creating these images is to capture the essence of my moment in that place.

I have been exploring how to capture the natural elements in my imagery. These photographs of water are abstractions due to the fact that I have eliminated and avoid relation to typical western references to space. The series started when I unexpectedly noticed one morning that the frost on the roof of my car looked like a painting. It was as if each stroke of ice was carefully thought out and placed by a master painter. I captured this ethereal work of art in my own composition. Now more than ever, I have realized how important it is to slow down and take in my surroundings and notice beauty every day and pay attention to what seems like insignificant details. These images are not staged or enhanced; they are simply just moments in time. The images are printed on matte paper.